A trusted community of friends that cooperate with each other for flexible, affordable childcare

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What we're doing

A child care community being created by you, the parents

Clay is reimagining the childcare experience to make childcare available to every family, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. We believe that we can create more childcare opportunities, lower costs and improve the experience of children and parents within a trusted care network that is safe, fair and easy to use.

What people say

This is the best way to regularly, schedule short help with the kids and avoid the hassle and expense of a babysitter.

by George, part time working mum of 2, Bronte Public School

Even though we're friends, I never would have asked her for help without the app. I can rely on my community a lot more in the future.

by Jennifer, stay at home mum of 2

Relationships made at the school gate can transform a parent’s care options and build social capital for families and the school.

by Melinda, Bronte Public School principal

Moving to a new area could have felt isolating but within a few short weeks of using the app we had people we knew that we could ask for ad hoc help with our son.

Our mission

We're helping local communities build care networks our children need.

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