How it works

Get help picture

Have perfect control

Request and accept offers of help from people you know and trust.

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Save precious time

Know who to ask and get help in a few taps.

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Save money using in - app points

And look forward to that holiday, new car or saving for the kids’ education.

Why use a school parent, community app?

  • Know who you can ask for help, even if you are new to the area
  • Grow an enduring support network and be your own group administrator
  • Choice relevant and likely helpers
  • Save time with a few taps on a single channel to post and accept a request
  • Make your time count and plan ahead

Trusted by local schools, school parents and supported by the NSW state government


This is the best way to regularly, schedule short help with the kids.

by George, part time working mum of 2, Bronte Public School

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How to get more help with the kids

Step 1: Sign up for free

Step 2: Create your profile to help activate your school community

Step 3: Share with friends

Step 4: Give/ get help for time karma points or cash

How to grow your support network further

Step 1: Tell parents at your school

Step 2: Involve your P and C and class reps

Step 3: Ask your principal to support the building of the school and parent community

Step 4: Contact us - we can help

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Frequently asked questions

For Parents

What is it?

Clay is a community of school registered parents and friends sharing school runs and ad hoc arragments to support the students. It mirrors the ways parents have always lent support within their school community but uses technology for better reach, beyond a static small group of friends along with better visibility, timeliness and safety.

How can it help me?

Being a member can help you access more local support by people you actually know. It’s also cheaper and easier to make arragments booking through the App. Text. Unlike a closed group on a social platform, you are the administrator of your own group and you take your connections with you, even when your child changes school.

Is it safe?

You can only enter the community as a known person. The community is school centred so you’ll be surprised how many people you know in the community. There is a 2 step secure sign in, verifications from friends, and a pin. The app is designed for people who know each other to book time with each other. All members have presented themselves as school parents and you can choose to only book help with members child safety checks.

Will it save me money?

Yes, childminding and transport during the 0-12 years costs parents thousands per child even after tax.

So how do I access Clay?

The app is free to download and use for parents registered at schools using Clay. When a parent registers within the app, they’ll be creating a possibility for a community of shared help to exist at your school. When enough same school parents join - your school’s full access is switched on and parents can start making clearer arrangements with each other. Community building takes time and supporting the use of the app within your community gives the best chance of success for the school community.